15 Reasons You Might Be a Minimalist

15 Reasons You Might Be a Minimalist

Are you interested in simplifying your life? Getting rid of the excess and really focusing on the important things by living more intentionally? Many people nowadays are on this path of intentional living called Minimalism. If you want to read more about Minimalism check out this post.

For some people learning about this Minimalist concept, you may find that you actually have some Minimalist tendencies. Here are 15 Reasons You Might be a Minimalist:

  1. You don’t enjoy shopping
  2. People need to tell you when you should get a new outfit or buy you new things because you’ll keep wearing the same old things
  3. You try to use up all your old items before going shopping
  4. You get overwhelmed by lots of stuff
  5. You think the idea of a capsule wardrobe or the 30-day Minimalist challenge is cool
  6. The idea of “less is more” is appealing to you
  7. You watched the Minimalist film and related to it
  8. The idea of gift-giving makes you anxious and stressed
  9. You would never choose to go Black Friday shopping
  10. You enjoy donating your stuff or sharing with people
  11. You find yourself feeling more free when in a small space
  12. You don’t have a lot of decorative objects in your home
  13. You like the idea of having a donation box in your home
  14. You’ve started minimizing your friendships (being with people who help you grow and not hold you back)
  15. You like these terms- “bring value,” “spark joy,” “meaningful life,” “living intentionally”

This post was inspired by Courtney Carver’s post 25 Reasons You Might Be a Minimalist

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