50 Free Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

50 Free Activities to do with your kids

Do you want to spend time with your kids without having to spend a bunch of money? Here are 50 Free Activities You Can Do With Your Kids:

  1. Have a day at the beach- Snorkel, Build sandcastles, Volleyball, Kites, Racquetball
  2. Have a day of winter activities- Sled/Tube, Build a Snowman/Igloo, Make Snow Angels
  3. Go to the Library
  4. Cook something with the ingredients you have at home
  5. Make a Craft/ Art project
  6. Play with Toys together
  7. Make/Play with Playdough
  8. Take a Nature Walk
  9. Take Funny Photos
  10. Play Videogames together
  11. Play Hide-and-Seek
  12. Play I-Spy
  13. Play Hangman
  14. Play Red Light, Green Light or What Time is it Mr. Fox?
  15. Read Together
  16. Make a Book together
  17. Watch a Movie/Show
  18. Make Sock Puppets
  19. Have a Camp-Out
  20. Create a Play
  21. Have a Tea Party
  22. Make a Scavenger Hunt
  23. Play Karaoke
  24. Play Charades
  25. Play Pictionary
  26. Play Card Games or Create a House of Cards
  27. Tell Stories to each other
  28. Play Hot Lava/ Mission Impossible
  29. Play Dress-Up
  30. Do Tutorials from Youtube
  31. Go to a Park
  32. Play with Bubbles
  33. Play with Water Guns/Balloons
  34. Look at old Pictures/Videos of Yourselves and Reminisce
  35. Make a Tent out of Blankets
  36. Have a Pillow Fight
  37. Play a Sport
  38. Do Random Acts of Kindness
  39. Do a Science Experiment
  40. Play Minute to Win it games
  41. Play Bingo
  42. Play Tic Tac Toe
  43. Have a Race
  44. Have a Spa Day
  45. Make Potions out of Lotions/Soaps you have
  46. Make Crayon Molds
  47. Play a Game on the Computer
  48. Have a Crazy Hair Contest
  49. Have a Dance-Off
  50. Have a Competition

Hope that you find this list helpful!  In the comments below please let me know of any other kid activities that you would add to the list.

Thank you reading! Please share your thoughts below.