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10 Signs that You're INFJ Personality

10 Signs That You’re INFJ Personality

Have you taken the free online Meyers-Briggs Personality Assessment Test? If not check out my post here telling you all about it.

After taking the personality test last year I found out that I was a rare personality called INFJ. INFJ’s make up less than 1% of the population. Here are some signs that you might be INFJ too:

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What is your personality type?

Have you taken the Meyer-Briggs Personality Test?

Have you ever wondered what personality type you are? Take a look into taking the Meyer-Briggs Personality Test!

Why should you take this test?

It helps you to know and understand your personality more and helps you to understand your strengths, weaknesses, parenting approaches, relationships, etc. Of course people do have their free will in choosing how they react and act in different situations but I found myself able to relate to what the test implied for me.

How do you take the Meyer-Briggs Personality Test?

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My Favorite Place to Travel

My favorite place to travel to in the whole world is Greece. My mom is from Athens, Greece and most of my relatives on her side still live there. I love it so much! There is so much beauty! I love the blue waters, the delicious food, the culture, the people! I have gone to Greece several times to visit my grandparents. Usually I travel with my family and we stay for a month or more. Even though there is all this stuff happening to their economy I would still love to go back! Here are some pictures from my last trip to Greece. I went as a solo parent in the beginning and later my mom, dad, and sister came. That was quite the experience! Cristina absolutely loved her time here. She asks to go back all the time!

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Benefits of Traveling with Kids

Should you travel with kids? Absolutely yes! Kids can learn so much from traveling!

One of my favorite things growing up was traveling with my family. My dad is a doctor and when my sisters and I were growing up my dad would spend many hours working in the office. Most of the time that we spent with my dad revolved around family vacations. One positive effect of having your dad be a doctor is that we got to travel a lot. Since doctors have to keep up their certification every year by obtaining a certain amount of credits through attending medical conferences that is what we did. Every time my dad would travel for work we would travel with him. The nice thing is that the hotels where we stayed would be reimbursed by the hospital that he was working for.

So we all would climb in a car and spend the next several hours, days, and nights traveling. This was back in the days before GPS existed so we would get lost often. Also this was before technology was as advanced as today so we had to do things like read(OMG!) and color or play with toys. We would listen to tapes of Harry Potter and other family-friendly audiotapes and pass the time. We also had this crappy little TV where my sisters and I would watch videos. Being the oldest I had to unfortunately watch The Teletubbies or some other weird kids show up until I was a teenager. This time together made us have to talk and bond together.

My parents started us out traveling young. My sister was around two months old on her first trip across 4 states. When we were already a year old or even younger my parents would travel with us all the way across the ocean to Greece where my mom is from. The rule for Greek people is that for the first 40 days after a child is born they must stay at home or close to home so they won’t get sick. After that it’s fair game or at least for my mom it was. My family enjoyed the adventures we had together! This is why I think travel is such an important influence in kids’ lives.

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